Our Therapists

  • Bethany Kloster, ATC, LMT, LAT

    I am originally from Gatlinburg, Tennessee but currently live in Tallahassee. From 2006 to 2010, I attended Carson Newman College. I received a degree in Athletic Training and am certified as an athletic trainer. While studying for my degree, I worked with the football, basketball, baseball, tennis, softball, and men’s and women’s soccer teams. In July of 2011, I graduated from the CORE Institute of Massage Therapy, where I received advanced training in Myofascial Therapy, Medical Massage, and Sports Massage through the Master Practitioner Certification Program. While working with Dr. Van Tassel and doing rehabilitation exercises with patients, I have learned to treat the problem not just the pain. By treating the problem with patient education, exercises, and patient home care the result is no more muscle dysfunction and pain. I get the greatest satisfaction with patients when they tell me the exercises helped and they have no more pain. As I add massage therapy to my profession, I will work on fixing the problem and not just treating the pain. I will focus on the client’s problems and stretching to come up with an individual plan that is specific to his or her needs.


  • Ryan Jones, LMT

    I moved to Tallahassee in 2005 from Tampa, FL. Working right out of high school as a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults, I established a genuine respect for the human body and mind in all stages of life. In 2008, I graduated from the CORE Institute’s Master Practitioner Program with certifications in sports massage, medical massage, and myofascial therapy—allowing me to further my journey as a healthcare professional and help me discover my dream to work with athletes and those individuals suffering from postural distortions caused by injuries and repetitive strain. After graduating, I was able to work for the CORE Institute as the Sports and Community Outreach Coordinator providing me with a framework to reach my dream. In 2013, I had the honor of teaching structural anatomy and human physiology to the last graduating class of massage students at the CORE Institute giving me a deeper understanding for the structure and function of the body. An avid yoga practitioner, in February 2014, I completed the 200 hour certification from the Many River Yoga Teacher Training. Different exercises from my yoga training are incorporated into the many stretching positions and advice for patients. Working towards a B.S. in Exercise Science, I hope to one day combine my massage, yoga, and academic careers to become a physical therapist. I endeavor to treat the last patient of the day with the same passion and commitment as the first with open communication and effective massage techniques. Becoming a part of the Dr. Van Tassel’s respected staff has been a blessing and very fitting to my style of bodywork and wellness. 


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